***Before you start: If you have already registered your biorepository or are uncertain, whether or not you have done so, please go to the Pitt Biorepository Database and perform a search.If you have questions or would like to update your current registration record or add a new biorepository record, then you may contact the PBD Administrators.to get a link.

Dear Colleagues,

Registration of your biorepository is mandatory; MTA requests will not be approved without completion of this process. When you register your biorepository here, the data are included in the Pitt Biorepository Database (PBD). Inclusion of your biorepository data in this database is not implicit agreement on your part to share samples or collaborate with anyone.

Please complete this registration if you have an existing collection of biological specimens and samples. The registration takes less than 10 minutes to complete for each biorepository.

Your Biorepository ID# will be emailed to you within 48 hours of completion of the registration. If you already registered your biorepository and do not have the id number, you may obtain it at www.pbd.pitt.edu (accessible only from Pitt and UPMC computer networks). If you need assistance or a more rapid response, then contact the PBD Administrators at rsrchres@pitt.edu.

You may return to complete, edit, or assign an alternate person to complete the registration using the "Get Link" or "Save and return later" buttons. If you are not the principal investigator for a biorepository in your laboratory, then please coordinate completion of the survey with the PI.

Thank You!

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